Routes for iPhone and iPad

Route finder and route tracing tool for your iOS device

Trace your own routes

If you want to figure out what the milage was of your outdoor activity this app will let you draw your route on the map and give you the route distance in your local unit. Routes drawn can be saved in the app and to your account and routes can be shared on as well as Facebook.

Now you can trace your routes on both Google Maps as well as your iPhone and iPad's built in Apple Maps.

Find local exercise routes

This app will help you find new and exciting places to exercise around you. Great for finding routes in your neighborhood or if you are traveling to a new city this will help you see where the locals are exercising.

This app will find local running, walking, and biking routes that people have shared using either the route tool, this app or the LogYourRun GPS apps.

Route coverage may vary based on location as the app will only show routes that people have decided to make public.

Fully retina ready universal app - works on both iPhone and iPad.

Find routes for the following types of activities

Running Walking Biking

Deep linking is awesome! If you see a route on the website (such as this one or this one) and you click on the banner link it will automatically open the route in the app if you have it installed on your iDevice.

Share traced routes on Facebook

Your individual traced routes will show on Facebook as routes on a map and you can see all your traced routes on a large map.

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Some of the great features of the app include:

  • Choice of Map

    Choose between Apple and Google maps to get the best experience for your location


  • Trace Routes

    Trace your route to see the distance and elevation profile of your outdoor activities


  • Find Routes

    The app uses the built-in GPS of the iPhone to find local routes that have been shared by people in your area


  • Share Routes

    Share routes that you have drawn with the app on Facebook


  • View Routes

    View the route on street map or satellite map



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