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LogYourRun for iPhone

Track your workouts from your iPhone

The LogYourRun iPhone app is a great running buddy

The app will tell you how you are doing as you are running and when you are done you can see your distance, time, and route in the app. You can also upload your data to the LogYourRun website for future review and share your accomplishments on your social networks.

The app is designed to be easy to setup and to get you going as easily as possible. The app will ask for permission to use the GPS, which is used to measure the distance of your outdoor activities. Then you will be ready to press the start button and start your activity. The app works in the background so you can safely turn off the screen to save battery knowing that the app will still keep track of your activity.

Run with your music

The app includes full controls for the iPhone music player. Start/pause/skip without leaving the app. As you get ready to go you can setup your playlist based on existing iTunes playlists or have the app create a random playlist from your music based on music genre.

Track many types of activities

The LogYourRun iPhone app can be used to track a variety of different outdoors activities:

Running Walking Running on treadmill Biking Stationary bike Cross training

Share your progress

The LogYourRun iPhone app lets you share your progress on Twitter, Facebook, and Dailymile.

Heart Rate

See a list of compatible heart rate devices that will let you record your heart rate as you exercise


Some of the great features of the app include:

  • Music

    Full control of the iPhone music player from within the app. Setup playlists and change tracks without leaving the app.

  • Voice Feedback

    Voice feedback can be setup to alert you of your progress at specific time or distance intervals.

  • Routes

    The app uses the built-in GPS of the iPhone to measure your distance. You can create routes from your workout and review your data from the same route to track your progress.

  • Training Programs

    Your training program can be downloaded to your phone and easily reviewed. You can setup reminders that will let you know what your daily activity is according to your chosen training program.

  • Social Integration

    Share your activities on Facebook and Twitter and on the go tweeting with TweetMyDistance.

  • Integrated Heart Rate

    Integration with bluetooth 4.0 heart rate devices. Setup custom heart rate zones with time in zones and voice feedback.

Features available only with PRO subscription:

  • Voice Coaching

    With voice coaching you can easily setup interval training. The app will alert you when it is time to switch from one interval to another and will peak the upcoming interval to you.

  • Exercise Forecast

    Check the current weather to see the current and upcoming temperature, when the sun will go down, and if there is any rain in the forecast.


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