Activity by LogYourRun

Activity by LogYourRun lets you visualize your daily activity as recorded by the motion processor found in the iPhone 5S and 6.

Activity data is shown for each day as an Activity Barcode. This allows you to see at what times during each day you were active. The Activity Barcode is color coded by the intensity of the activity with blue and green representing moderate pace activities and red and yellow fast pace activities. This allows you to easily see your daily activity patterns.

Holding your finger down on the Activity Barcode will show you the time of day for the data your finger is over. Slide left to right to change the time and see your cumulative steps.

Swipe across your Activity Barcode to share the data from a given day. You can select to share the data on Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, or email. An image of your Activity Barcode will be shared along with your total steps information.

This app includes a notification center widget which lets you see your Activity Barcode in the notification center.


Some of the great features of the app include:

  • Visualize your activity pattern

    See when during the day you are most active


  • Achieve your step goal

    Set a daily step goal and see your progress towards your goal



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