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It's been 5 years...
Wednesday, 16 August 2017 - Written by chrissy1 [profile]
I used to be a frequent logyourrun blogger. Looking back my last post was in 2012. However after having 2 babies my priorities have shifted. I still continued to use the excersise log to track my (almost nonexistent) runs. Want to say thank you to the person who handles the site, for fixing it so quickly. I was sad thinking it was gone forever.

strutton1313 says:

It's good to hear from you!! I used to post more as well but have just been l using the run log. It will be a sad day if and when this site dies. It will be like losing a friend. I'll keep logging and reading the blogs until that day comes.

chrissy1 says:

Thank you! It's good to see you still on and active. I understand what you mean. It sure would be like losing an old friend. Im going to try and commit to the blogs alitte more, in hopes of increasing my consistency with running. Fingers crossed

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Tim's Letter
Wednesday, 16 August 2017 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
Thank you , Tim, for your letter telling LogYourRun users of your challenges with the site. Before that, I had come to the conclusion that the site was unmanaged and nobody cared. It is good to know there is a real person who still owns and operates this site.

I have used LogYourRun for several years now and regularly blogged and even shared information on the now mostly neglected message boards (Forum). So I am grieving at the thought of it going away. It feels like I am losing a close friend.

Perhaps I will be able to find something that will fill the void. I just checked out Strava, but was overwhelmed by the complexity (at almost 60, I'm not quite a Luddite, but I do find learning new apps to be a challenge). There must be a way to enter data manually, as much of my running is NOT done with my GPS.

Anyway, thank you again for all you've done on this site for the last 10 years. And for my blogging friends, never stop running until someone catches you past the finish chute...

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strutton1313 says:

Where was the letter? I have used log your run since 2010 and would hate to see it go.

Never mind found it.

Post edited by: strutton1313, at: 2017/08/16 14:41

Jrpincus says:

Thank you Tim for the years of Logyourrun, a great app that does exactly what it says on the tin. Completely understand that priorities have changed but grateful for the time and effort that you put into it for all of these years. Also thanks for the suggestions about alternatives and your concern for our data. Much appreciated!

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Not everything was fixed
Tuesday, 15 August 2017 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
LogYour Run appeared to have crashed and was down for a day. Unfortunately, they never fixed the route mapping. That is too bad. I always liked the simplicity of that application. Instead, I shelled out a few bucks to Under Armor to get MapMyRun without advertising.

Jrpincus says:

It was much more than a day for me but glad that the app is back. Though the absence of an explanation does make me feel that perhaps its time to i) back up the data; and ii) look for some alternatives.

tim says:

the route tracing should be fixed now

Kristiel says:

Please please keep this site alive. Even at a basic level. I just love using it

nyrangerfan says:

Agreed! Please keep it - let us know how we can help!

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Men in Skirts
Friday, 21 July 2017 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
I had a great time running the Kilted Mile at the Portland, OR Highland Games last Saturday. I finished 3rd in the Masters Division, losing out to a couple "kids" in their 40s. I beat my time goal by a few seconds and, using the age adjusted charts, my time wasn't too far off my high school PR, especially if I deduct a couple seconds for running in a heavy wool kilt on a hot day. For a guy with no fast twitch muscle fibers, I am pretty happy.

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Garmin Import
Monday, 17 July 2017 - Written by adigerati [profile]
Will this ever be fixed. Is this site dying a slow death? I've switched back to Garmin and one of the reasons was because I remembered that LYR had the ability to import from Garmin, apparently that hasn't been updated in quite a while (years). I feel like I have lost a friend (LYR). This site has been there since the beginning of my running career but I'm afraid that my friend is currently on life support and I'm getting ready to pull the plug.


Kev500 says:

Is there intelligent life on this planet?

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Half of a year injury free
Saturday, 01 July 2017 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
I've been able to run this whole year without any injuries. I haven't had to take more than two days off in a row because of aches and pain. I have been running about 150 miles each month. Typically, once I start getting into decent shape I try to up the mileage to over 200/month. That seems to be too much to maintain for my old body and has resulted in injury after a few weeks. Being less greedy -- and getting help from the Lord -- has allowed me to train consistently. As a result, I've had a couple of very respectable 10Ks including winning my age division in the Seattle Shore Run

Kev500 says:

I am really excited. I wanted to run about 30 seconds faster in that 10K, but couldn't quite get it done. But not only did I win my age division, but I found out that it's the 6th best time in the state for 55-59 yo men in 2017.

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I'm B-a-a-a-a-a-ck
Friday, 16 June 2017 - Written by keyronn [profile]
After almost a 4 year absence, I've started running again. The last few years have been dedicated to weight training with virtually no cardio of any kind. When I decided that weights alone wouldn't truly keep me healthy or happy, I broke out my running shoes and began building my base for several months. I ran a few mock 5k's until I could finish in under 23 mins. and added speed work and tempo runs.

Before I had my last calf injury in Fall 2012, I was regularly breaking 20 mins. Fast forward to 2017 and I've run 4 races with a fastest time of 22:27. I have a goal to get back to the sub 21 club this Fall. This is a much slower process than my first foray into racing, but I'm determined to get my speed back even at 56 years old.

It feels great just being out there on 5-6 mile runs and racing again.

Kev500 says:

Welcome home.

keyronn says:

Thanks, Kev. I'm seeing a lot of familiar names. :)

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