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Help other people find LogYourRun
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Google recently launched a new way to share great websites called the +1 button. If you would like to help other people find this website please click the +1 button below or on the front page:

For people who used to use the LogYourRun Facbook app
LogYourRun News
You can now import your data from the Facebook log to your LogYourRun account here: http://apps.facebook.com/logyourrunph/
LogYourRun for iPhone Version 3.3.1 Approved
LogYourRun News
This new version fixes the Facebook posting and adds the ability to shuffle songs if music is selected within the application. Thanks for your patience while I worked to get this fixed!
Check your distance units
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As some of you may have noticed the site went down a couple of times on the evening of March 2nd 2011. This caused a loss of the distance unit user setting. In order to restore the default distance unit for your account I have set your default unit based on the data that you have entered in the database - for example if you logged your data in kilometers your default unit has been set to km. If your default unit shows up wrong you can set your default unit in the User Panel. If the units are off on some of your historical data please contact me with your username and email and I can fix it for you.
GPX Export
LogYourRun News
In addition to saving your routes as TCX files for import into garmin training center you can now save your routes as GPX files. GPX is the standard format for GPS data and GPX files can be viewed by a variety of online and desktop based programs such as google earth.
LogYourRun buys RunningLog.com
LogYourRun News

Saint Louis, MO, January 2011. Online fitness and exercise website LogYourRun has bought the domain name RunningLog.com. As part of the purchase, LogYourRun has migrated RunningLog.com users and imported their historical data, leading to a significant increase in the LogYourRun.com user base. Says Tim West, president of LogYourRun: "We look forward to welcoming the RunningLog.com users to LogYourRun.com and hope that our new users will take advantage of the advanced functionality of LogYourRun such as the route tracing tools and the smart phone applications."

Barefoot Running
General Running Articles

Article submitted by Ms. Sara Martinez

About two months ago, I would have purchased my 8th pair of high-end running shoes. These are comfortable shoes with great fit and impact protection. The stability on this shoe to support my foot from chances of pronation is locksafe. There is a martyred gel in its sole to take the abuse of my heelstrike shock away from joints and spine. The off-center lacing is heralded as innovative in promoting a safe transfer of energy and wrapping around the top of the foot. This shoe is a marvel of technology spawned from brilliant minds and millions of research dollars towards engineering. They had served me well, and I credit thousands of miles (and around a thousand dollars) to them. But, about two months ago, I bought a certain book about running and people who run well on low-tech. I had never questioned why it took such feats of technology to help me…put one foot in front of the other? It broadened my perspectives, asked basic questions, invited me to do my own fact-finding, and take an $85 risk and investment. It’s been great, and I’ve never run better.

Timezone Support
LogYourRun News
Good news for everyone not on central standard time: LogYourRun now supports timezones. You will be able to set your timezone next time you enter data through the web form. This should allow you to always have today shown as the day that is actually today for you. If there are any places where the day is still showing up funny please report in the forum or send me an email.
LogYourRun Mobile
LogYourRun News
With LogYourRun you can access your exercise data from anywhere - you are not tied down to a single spreadsheet on a particular computer. To fully realize the potential of the online running log we also offer access to the website from mobile devices. To see LogYourRun in a mobile enhanced layout go to www.logyourrun.com/mobile/ on your phone. You can enter data, view and analyze data right on your phone.

LogYourRun also has an iPhone application which uses the GPS and pedometer of the iPhone and iPod Touch to measure your distance as you exercise. The application automatically uploads to LogYourRun and lets you share your activities on Twitter and Facebook.

LogYourRun Launches New iPhone™ Application With Dailymile Integration
LogYourRun News
Saint Louis, November 2010. Great news for people who use Dailymile for keeping their friends and family informed of their exercise activities: Entering your activity on Dailymile just got easier with the LogYourRun iPhone application.

In addition to integration with other social media platforms, the LogYourRun suite of iPhone applications can now upload information about your exercise activities straight to Dailymile.com. The LogYourRun iPhone application uses the GPS and accelerometer/pedometer of the iPhone to track your distance, time and route as you enjoy your outdoor activities. The application focuses on providing a user friendly experience while delivering the best possible exercise data.

LogYourRun Store
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