Import GPX Route

Most GPS devices will allow you to export GPS routes to the GPS eXchange format (GPX). Use the form below to upload your route.


Import route from Garmin Forerunner

To import a route from the Garmin Forerunner GPS watch please export the courses that you wish to import into LogYourRun.

Help with exporting routes from Training Center

Exporting courses from Training Center will export all your courses. LogYourRun will only import one route at a time so to separate out your courses we recommend using the Garmin Forerunner file splitter at GPS Visualizer.

Once you have the file that you wish to import use the browser below to find the file and import it. Importing the route will take you to a page where you can name the route (if you want a different name from the one you saved it as in the Garmin) and write a short description.

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