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Baby Steps
Saturday, 07 January 2017 - Written by ciabattini [profile]
Thankfully, I have been clear to start running again, very slow and easy. Heart is back in shape, but it needs a slow and gradual recovery, so here are the baby steps, 1.2 miles in 13' 02" my first outing in a light rain morning. The first run of my second life.

Kev500 says:

Good luck and God bless you. Enjoy every step you can run.

In the 1970s, I read notes from a medical symposium on marathon running (probably the first of its kind). One study concluded that if you could run a marathon, then you were immune from a heart attack. Of course, the 1984 death of James Fixx, author of The Complete Book of Running, dispelled that myth.*

Subsequently two of my former military commanders - both in seeming exceptional physical condition - died from natural causes while still on active duty. One collapsed while on a treadmill and died of heart failure. The other returned home after an easy 5 mile run, complained of a head ache and was dead a few hours later of a brain aneurism. I learned lots of lessons about fitness, philosophy, life and religion from their deaths (and from the combat death of a co-worker).

*I just pulled Fixx's book off the shelf. (I read it years ago before his death). I found a couple of ironies, a chapter on runners who began the sport after a heart attack and a statement that he was medically fitter than most college athletes when he wrote the book (at the age of 45).

ciabattini says:

Thank you Kev,
went out again today, I am taking it very easy, I am sure it will take a while before I can put some speed or distance into it, I am playing it safe and easy. Enjoying the brisk cool air of the morning.

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2017 A new chance or not
Saturday, 24 December 2016 - Written by ciabattini [profile]
A week away from the new year, a new vision on things to come.

Thirty days ago, the morning of Thanksgiving day I suffered a heart attack, I had back to back surgery to have four stents placed in the arteries around my heart which suffered a substantial damage, now working only at 50% until hopefully it can heal . One very interesting fact, I was told that 50% of heart attacks happen to healthy people many times athletes and this just because of the genes inherited from 2-3 generations prior.

To think that two weeks prior I was planning a program to run a marathon in the fall of next year. Now, I am restricted to a max of 1 mile walk until January 5th where my cardiologist will do an assessment on how my heart is recovering.

Tough, through my mind everyday I think of all the places I have run in my life, all the races I have done, I can smell the mist of the fog running the Dipsea in Marin County or the site and smell of the ocean running the Big Sur Marathon and many, many, many...

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ycmrun says:

So sorry to hear this news. I wish you speedy recovery and back to enjoying the things you . I've heard numerous stories of athletes heart giving up in recent months.

I agree totally on enjoying every moment we've got. Take care of yourself and do keep us posted on your progress.

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2013 TEST
Tuesday, 30 July 2013 - Written by ciabattini [profile]
Checking everything with blogs
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