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Garmin Import
Monday, 17 July 2017 - Written by adigerati [profile]
Will this ever be fixed. Is this site dying a slow death? I've switched back to Garmin and one of the reasons was because I remembered that LYR had the ability to import from Garmin, apparently that hasn't been updated in quite a while (years). I feel like I have lost a friend (LYR). This site has been there since the beginning of my running career but I'm afraid that my friend is currently on life support and I'm getting ready to pull the plug.


Kev500 says:

Is there intelligent life on this planet?

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2016 - adigerati
Monday, 02 January 2017 - Written by adigerati [profile]
The year in review. I may have missed entering a run or two because another site I use showed me at 1,020 miles.

bike 343.4 miles

run 1012.3 miles

walk 120.5 miles

At work I have a tread desk, so I've been tracking those miles in LYR. Just to keep a record of my tread desk use.

Also notable about this year is that I ran every day of the year, all 366. I started out 2016 with the goal of running every day and was able to accomplish the goal. I've decided to keep the streak alive, kind of hard to quit when you have 366 days invested.

I also recorded my fastest single mile time: 6:41 and my fastest 5k, almost sub 24, almost.

I'm currently running a marathon training plan. Need to find a marathon to run sometime in April, any suggestions?

ycmrun says:

Impressive stats. Very well done on maintaining daily run streak for over a year. Not sure where you are located but East coast has quite a lot of flat / fast marathons in Spring. Long Branch New Jersey marathon is end of April and is a PR course.

Good luck with all the training in 2017. Keep us posted.

Kev500 says:

Streaker!! What is a tread desk? Sound cool.

adigerati says:

Tread desk is basically a treadmill with a workstation attached to it. Most of my work is on the computer so using the tread desk I can walk and work at the same time.

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Small Town Race
Sunday, 03 May 2015 - Written by adigerati [profile]
The first race I ever ran was a 5k in a small town. I learned a lot in that race. I learned that adrenaline can make you run the fastest mile you've ever run, which really hurts the 5k cause. I was also humbled by a silvered hair lady who passed me near the end of the first mile, while barely shuffling her feet.

I learned a cool secret too, small races provide an opportunity for runners of my caliber that bigger races do not, a chance to place, maybe even win. I got 3rd place in my age group at my first race. Today I ran that same small town 5k.

Leading up to today's race I had set new personal bests for the 5k several times during training. Each time I saw these results I imagined I was getting closer and closer to being able to realistically expect to take first in my age group. Then I ran a 5k training run that made me believe that I had a chance to take overall masters.

Three weeks before the race I got sick. I ran the first day I was sick but for entire next week I wasn't...

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ycmrun says:

Congratulations. I bet it feels great to be placed in age group. Very cool to hear you helping the kid as well. Awesome work !!

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ycmrun Big Sur
Monday, 20 April 2015 - Written by adigerati [profile]
It seems that my reply to your post about the Sleepy Hollow Half was eaten by the Internets. Don't know if you ever saw it (it was a while back) but I don't see it there anymore.

Just wanted to make sure I wished you a good run for Big Sur next weekend. Enjoy the course, it's very scenic.

ycmrun says:

Thanks very much. I took your advice and did invest in lot of hill training. Will know in a few days if it was enough or not. I'm really getting excited for the race weekend. I don't have a time goal for this race so I'll go with the mindset of enjoying it and see how it turns out.

Actually I didn't see your reply to my sleepy hollow post either. It's certainly a bug in LYR and I've notified the admin too..

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Saturday, 21 March 2015 - Written by adigerati [profile]
On previous visits to Lousiana I've stayed in New Orleans and have enjoyed runs along the Mississippi, through the French Quarter around Bourboun Street, etc. New Orleans seems to have a pretty active community of runners.

This time I stayed at a little town called Eunice. I asked if there are any trails nearby and was told to drive about 30 miles away. So I ran on the road near me, which is pretty much a highway. Fortunately it has pretty big shoulders. I would duck into any neighborhood I could find and every time I did, I found dogs. That being the case I never visited the same neighborhood twice and by the end of the week my entire run was done entirely on the highway.

Not a great running weak so far as scenery is concerned. But it's times like these that make me realize how truly fortunate I am when I do have a beautiful place to run.

Somehow with this drab, dangerous route I managed to have one day where it all came together. I really didn't feel like running that d...

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thenson229 says:

Nice job and a wonderful lesson on perseverance!

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Friday, 20 March 2015 - Written by adigerati [profile]
First stop in Florida was Jacksonville. We were really close to hiking trails and man did I have a blast. There were also multiple miles of mountain biking trails and I made sure to take my bike out and explore every mile. Did two beach runs but preferred the hiking trails.

Then we moved on to Moss Park and the trail there was not runnable (unless I wanted to wade through stinky, black mud half of the time). So I ran the dirt roads. It was still enjoyable and my times were good.

Next up, Disney World. Was so excited to see that the resort we were staying at has a running trail. Knowing how Disney does things I was a little disappointed in the trail. It was still nice, it was called the New Balance running trail so my expectations were pretty high and it simply failed to live up to those expectations is all. Still enjoyed my runs there and someday I think I would like to participate in one of the Disney runs.

Then we went to Destin FL. Myrtle Beach is still my favorit...

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KathyStenson says:

We saw the beaches you describe in Pensacola, and I agree....they are quite beautiful and well worth running on!

Glad to see your adventures continue!

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South Carolina
Wednesday, 25 February 2015 - Written by adigerati [profile]
Spent a long time at Myrtle Beach and Huntington Beach. Best beaches for running that I have ever experienced (at least during the winter months, summer might be a different story).

You could run on firm, semi-soft and soft surfaces and it was for the most part an even surface with not a lot of camber. The only downside was that occasionally you had to run through water or turn around. Since I did most of my running barefoot running through the water was not an issue.

One day I was running during a rainstorm and it was high tide. I reached one of the areas where I had to run through the water and beast mode was engaged. The water which usually went about mid calf was all the way up to my waist. I was practically swimming. It was great!

ycmrun says:

Loving your all US adventures. Keep us posted.. Making me jealous... ha ha...!!

KathyStenson says:

Sounds wonderful!!

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