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Hydrate even in the cold
Sunday, 29 January 2017 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
I had a miserable 12 mile run today. The last few miles were very difficult. When I got home, I told my wife, "I'm not doing well." Then I spent the next few hours in bed. Once my right leg started cramping awhile later, I knew what the problem was. I had a couple of large glasses of water with some Nuun electrolyte tablets and a couple ibuprofens. A few hours later I got out of bed. Bottom line, I was very dehydrated when I began and did not hydrate during the run. That's an easy mistake to make when it's only 40 degrees outside.
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Running in the Snow
Thursday, 08 December 2016 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
Here in the Pacific Northwest I only get a chance to run in the snow a couple times each year. But nothing is more invigorating than a few miles in fresh snow. My old dog, Patches, and I had a blast playing in the snow for 5 1/2 miles tonight. I couldn't have done it without my YakTrax!

ycmrun says:

I love running on the fresh snow too. We get that few times in New Jersey. I was at Bear mountain last weekend running in the trails. There was lot of fresh snow and covered leaves on those rocky technical trails. There were places where it had completely frozen with black ice. It was interesting how slow and mindful I was with my each step :) . Goal was to survive the run without breaking the ankles.
It was freezing cold and windy. My friend had brought his tiny dog who had no trouble sprinting ahead of us and even running through streams as though it was summer !!
I'm thinking of doing a 50k race in spring in these trails. 11 mile start was a kick in the butt as I had not run trails in over a year.

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Running vs. Jogging
Saturday, 21 May 2016 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
I came across a discussion on another site about the difference between jogging and running. I have my own thoughts, but would love to hear what all of you think.

BTW, I finally got completely over the plantar fasciitis (I hope) and am back training regularly. I ran my first 5K in well over a year this morning. I was not real happy with my time, but, given the months I missed or was just "jogging," I am not too bummed.

ycmrun says:

Good to hear you are recovered from PF. Stay healthy and good luck with your training and racing season.

I'm a slowpoke in general so I wouldn't worry much if people call my attempt run or jog. But I really get a laugh whenever my friends gets pissed at someone calling them a "jogger" or a "trail hiker" .
Their shock is hilarious to watch.. "How can some one call me a hiker.. I'm a frigging ultra runner"...

Kev500 says:

Doesn't everyone hike in a pair of Nikes and a singlet?

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Saturday, 20 February 2016 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
Anybody have something to share. For me, I've had a long bout with plantar fasciitis that included having to take 2 months off of running and a very slow healing/conditioning process after that. I've gotten my volume up to a very slow 30-35 miles per week and think I can get back to racing in another couple months.

strutton1313 says:

Glad to hear you are recovering! The process is always slow, but it's important to take it easy and listen to our bodies. Hope you continue to get better! Good health and happy running!

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Playing in the Snow
Sunday, 03 January 2016 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
Patches, my 12 1/2 year-old*, four-legged running partner (black lab) and I went running in the first snowfall of this winter. I took her to a school yard and let her off the leash. We then chased each other and I threw snowballs at her. What a great time for both of us. It's great too be able to just have fun running (and I still got a good 5K workout), especially after missing several weeks entirely during the fall from plantar fasciitis. I think it is good for one's mental health for an old guy to play like a kid once in awhile and for an old dog to play like a puppy.

*She is getting older and has slowed down and is less agile (a bit like me), but she still loves to run and is a fierce competitor when there are other runners and dogs around. We ran a 7 mile hilly run yesterday with my running club; she pulled me to exhaustion in order to try staying with the leaders including my 19 yo son (collegiate runner).

strutton1313 says:

That is awesome! I often think about how cool it would be to have a dog running partner. My three boxers are all love to go on walks but have to stop at every tree, bush, leaf or anything else they want to sniff at. Makes running hard.

chowitt says:

Fun and exercise at the same time...way to switch it up and make the most of the new snow. I find new snow reminds me of being a kid every time.

Kev500 says:

When she and I are running, Patches occasionally stops to smell a tree and always tries to chase squirrels. But when we are running with anyone else, her head is in the game. Other than a poop break, she won't stop.

chowitt says:

She has a more relaxing run when it's just the two of you!

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Bad Medicine Lake Loop
Thursday, 18 June 2015 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
Sometimes its good to set a goal that means something to you, but is irrelevant to the rest of the world (AKA the running community). Yesterday, I achieved such a goal, running the perimeter of Bad Medicine Lake in north central Minnesota. At 15.6 miles, it was my longest run since Boston and I felt pretty good considering my lingering hamstring problem and plantar fasciitis on my left foot have forced me to keep the training mileage low.

For the last several years my family has visited the lake for 1-2 weeks each summer. During these vacations, I've been able to get in many miles of trail running, usually with only minor annoyance from flies and mosquitos.

But I was never able to run around the lake because I could not find a trail acrosss the south end. My choices were to stay on the county roads, putting the run well over 20 mi., or cut across farmers' fields and risk buckshot to my rump.

Finally, just before leaving last year, I found the route by chance. I started o...

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ycmrun says:

Nice job on the long run . Hope you recover from PF issues asap.

Rest of world = running community.. Ha ha.. Love it

adigerati says:

I love making challenges like this for myself. Glad you accomplished it, now you got to do it in the reverse direction. :)

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Distractions While Running
Wednesday, 04 February 2015 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
ForChristmas, one of my sons bought me the most unique book about running in my collection, "The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances" by The Oatmeal, AKA Matthew Inman. I found parts of it were good, other parts were not so good. Some of it was very, very funny and much of it was just plain weird.

Inman had one section that caught my fancy. I would love to hear what others think. He wrote, "Some people choose NOT to cope with the tedium and pain of running, and instead distract themselves by listening to music or chatting with other runners." He argued that these water "down the core of what it takes to be a distance runner" by disassociating one's self from the pain of running.

What do you think?

Once a week I run with a group and, when I do long runs over 15 miles, I will often listen to music (but not with earphones -- too dangerous). Contrary to Inman's view, I have found that I am very dialed in to pace, distance and effort when I am running wit...

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ycmrun says:

I used to run with headphones and music when I first started running. For past few years I haven't been using them at all. I kind of like the quietness and getting various signals from my body (tired , feeling great, sore, painful etc). I think based on these signals I'm able to adjust the intensity of the training. I agree it is kind of dangerous to put on headphones while running on the road. Few years ago, I made a dumb mistake of wearing headphone and running on bus lane. The bus driver patiently followed me for almost 2 miles before honking on me... It was bit scary and stupid from my part.
That said, the only time I use headphones and music these days is when I'm at gym. I do long LSD type bike spinning workouts lasting 2 hours and it helps to listen to the music. Usually avoid carrying phone or music when i'm doing any weight / strength workout on the machines.

One thing that bothers me is when I see runners having phone in their hand during track workout trying to check if they ran every split at their desired pace. Makes me feel they are attached to the numbers and spreadsheets way more than how body feels or intensity they ran with. Mostly I run do track and interval workouts based on feel and intensity and let numbers be the outcome rather than setting expectations to run at certain pace. I once saw a friend of mine angry at himself for not being able to run at 7:30 pace during a track workout. It was a hot summer day with 100 degrees. It was silly that he didn't realize the conditions of the day could have an impact on your performance.

One other thing that somewhat bothers me is when I see people sitting on gym machines glued to their phone(texting or talking) when there are people waiting to use the machine. Makes me feel social media has certainly taken over our lives.

chowitt says:

I kind of agree with your author. I run on a treadmill in the winter and find there is a big difference between running "distracted" and running with attention. When I do a Sunday long run, I often watch something on TV. This is to distract myself from the tedium of spending two hours or so running slowly. I am okay with this for a run that is long enough to get really tedious. But for most runs, my favorite is to put a CD in the player - no headphones. That way, I find that although I do hear the music, it isn't the focus of my attention. (I can't do headphones - too intrusive.) I spend most of the time thinking about my run, coaching myself, working on my attitude and thoughts as I am running etc. I believe that when I get outside again in the spring, this work on my mental strength and stamina will help me a lot. I don't use any devices outside - I don't want to take anything away from the experience of being there. But each to his own - I tend to prefer quiet.

Jtal03 says:

I go back and forth. If I have to do a long run on the treadmill, I will usually give myself some sort of distraction. This is honestly because I really do not enjoy running on the treadmill. However, when I'm running outside I will sometimes listen to music and sometimes just enjoy the quiet. I think one could argue that no matter the circumstances we are constantly being distracted from ourselves when we run. I am constantly switching up my routes and running in new areas to see different things and take in the scenery. That is one of the things I find so enjoyable about running. You actually get to see what is around you, not watch it go flying by while driving, plus you can get to a lot more places by foot than you can by car. Also, our world is full of noises, even when it is 'quiet' outside, nature itself produces a lot of noise. Our brain is constantly taking these sounds in and filing them away. However, I am also continually tuning in to my body, paying attentio to how my pace is, how my feet and legs are feeling, etc. I may not be having an active dialogue with myself regarding it, but I maintain my own awareness. I think one of the truly amazing things about our sport is that you can take ten different runners and have them run the same ten mile route and you'll end up with ten completely different runs.

Kev500 says:

Thank you all for your thoughts. A couple additional things about this from my perspective. Running with a group is an excuse for me to pick up the pace. Even though we run slow enough to carry on a bit of a conversation (at least initially), I think a few of us run harder with each other than we would on our own.

As for the music, I don't concentrate on it except for maybe one or two songs (the theme from Hawaii 5-0 gets me going). But I have several songs that are at or near 180 bpm and I have several minutes of metronome beats at 180 bpm interspersed throughout my running playlist. Between that and frequently checking pace and distance on my Garmin, I stay pretty focused.

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