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Metric Century? Nah Let's do the 100 Miler!
Saturday, 06 August 2011 - Written by johnnyk8 [profile]
This concludes the Johnny K Century Weekend but leaves a day to recover and cut the grass, do the laundry and play with the puppy!

101 miles 5:56

17 mph ave speed

Last night I mentioned that I could have done the 100 miles rather than 100 km but did not have the electrolyte supply with me. I took care of that this morning and packed extra just in case at the end of my metric I had the itch to go farther.

The first loop took me out to glacier country and beat me up pretty well. I got two things accomplished with this ride beside the obvious. I got more comfortable with "road" riding and I used the Garmin course function to lead the way. It worked really well!! Without that I would have been lost for sure (brought hard copy too just to verify).

I'm not expert cyclist but these hills showed me who the boss was without question. I loved it. Especially the downhills! I hit 35 - 38 mph on a regular basis but that was negated by the 10 - 12 mph climbs. It wasn't that they were so high but they were so steep!

I got to the end of the loop and decided that I was going for HUNDO! Stopped at home scored some more electrolytes and scarfed down a bar and go to work!

The surges you get from properly timed nutrition are amazing. I have NEVER used food or electrolytes while working out. But this effort REQUIRED them.

Consumed -

Clifbar Mint Chocolate

Nature Valley Bars (3)

Gatorade packets (4)

Peanut Butter Crackers

Handful of salty pistachios

Water - 6 liters

Conditions clear sunny skies wind out of the north at 12 mph and about 89F

Thanks for reading now it's time for some real food. New York Strip sounds good or maybe bottomless sushi.

lazyking says:

Way to go buddy! Now that's what I call going the extra mile. I hope that you are resting today.

johnnyk8 says:

Thanks Man - resting my ass off today!!!

Here's the blog entry

/* * strangeattitude.info/run/?p=510

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