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Thanks, strutton1313 and Kev500
Friday, 18 December 2015 - Written by ShiraDest [profile]
First, Good luck on the Houston in January!! :-)

I guess I am too new here, since LYR will not let me comment, even on your comments to my blog posts! :-)

I have never raced at all (ok, back in 1985 but an 880 hardly counts!), so I am starting entirely from scratch.

I've started to modify the 41 week program since the MarathonVert is on 23 October -45 weeks unless I'm mistaken, so I've added 4 very slow 5k long run weeks. But the mileage inbetween has me worried, since several web sites I see cite books that insist on geting up to 30miles (=50km) BEFORE starting the 5 month marathon-specific work! That only gives me until April to get from 15km a week up to about 45km per week, which seems a huge jump. And I am super tired today, without even having run my 3k (I didn't count the 7km I walked immediately after my first 5km walk/jog, which seems a mistake now?).

Ok, I will rest more, listen to my body, and sign up for a 5k in April or May, with a 10k and half-marathon somewhere in between. And longest run should only be abt 30km (20 miles) rather than the full 42km, and 4-5 weeks before, rather than the 3-week taper?

Thanks again both (all) of you,



18.12.12015 HE

Kev500 says:

You are welcome. I think you have given yourself plenty of time to build-up gradually. There are plenty of runners who have gotten decent marathons in with a lot less time to build a distance base. But there are many others who got injured and didn't make it to the starting line because they tried to do too much too soon

Thirty per week before a 5-month build-up sounds like a lot, but is doable. What is the maximum weekly mileage in your plan?

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ShiraDest says:

Yayy, I can finally reply!!

Uh, max mileage? I'm aiming for 50km max per week, starting around April or May.
I took the PBS 41 week plan and sort of added it to a 52-week marathon plan I found online, and then started adding km to reach 42 km/week in April, but juggling the long runs so that I can fit in a maximum of 50km/week, as that was the recommended beginner max mileage.
(sorry, 50km should = 30 miles I think?
I am starting to lose track, as I keep changing my training program to fit in a few races. I need to add in taper-down time for 10km and half-marathon, but not knowing yet how I will feel at the time, I am hesitant to change the program again.)

Kev500 says:

You should be able to build up from 30/week in April to 50/week by Aug-Sep without much problem (remember the 10% rule). Here are some more thoughts.

I remember when I started training for my first marathon (almost 40 years ago - AAAGGHHH!!!!), I was told you could run a respectable marathon on 8 miles/day and a good one on 10-12 miles/day. There are two related problems with this and one other problem.

First, you need to look at averages, not a daily figure. Related to this is the principle of specificity. You aren't training for an 8 mile race or a 10 mile race. So if your focus is just grinding out miles each and every day, you aren't going to get the best results. You need to make sure your training program includes long runs and includes frequent runs at your desired marathon race pace (and a few even faster, i.e., the 10K and half marathon races). And I always recommend hills.

The other issue is recovery time. You need to include easier days in your schedule, both to maximize the physiological adaptations from your hard training and to prevent injury. For new runners and for masters runners like me, this is even more important (it definitely takes me longer to recover from injuries and from maximum intensity workouts and races now than when I was a kid). So I concern myself less with daily or even weekly totals than I do with 1) the volume and intensity of my quality workouts and 2) consistency and mileage over time -- I can gauge conditioning better over the course of 2 weeks or a month than I can a weekly mileage figure).

As a young runner, I ran some OK races on 70-80 miles/week. I can no longer sustain that volume, but actually had an "age adjusted" marathon (solid BQ) time last year that was better than any of those runs from my youth and did so with only 50-55 miles per week, with just one 65 mile week. I had more easy days and a few days completely off, but I ran more 20+ mile runs and several tempo and marathon race pace runs. (As an extreme bent on this lesson, there is one popular training program that has the runner only train three times each week! The weekly mileage total is very low but each workout is intense and specifically trains the mind and the body to race 26.2 miles. I haven't used this system, but appreciate the logic.)

Kev500 says:

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