tired legs
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 - Written by strutton1313 [profile]
After the Super Bowl party on Sunday I did not make it to the gym yesterday morning but I did get in my circuit training after work. It was a great work out and I really felt it. This morning I got up and was a little stiff. My ankles and knees were a little stiff so I went slow and got in a good warm up. After I got the blood flowing I felt great. I took off on a 6 mile run. The first half I was fluid and relaxed, I was not trying to push the pace just wanted to stay relaxed. The second half however, was not as fluid. I felt the toll of the circuit training in my quads and calves. Not in a bad or painful way but they were letting me know that they were about done. Yesterday in the circuits we did air squats, lunges, stair steps, jump rope, mountain climbers and jumping jacks. I think I am going to drop legs from the agenda next time and give my legs a little time to recover. Hope everyone is having a great week.
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