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Strava Export
Thursday, 24 August 2017 - Written by tim [profile]
For people who would like to try out the export to Strava please click on the exercise log link and type in "strava" at the end in the URL box. I know this is a little like a treasure hunt - but I have only tested on my own account and do not want to make this to easy to use until I get some feedback from other users that this worked for them also :).


Also, unfortunately there was no way to get the route information transferred along with the activities so the transfer is limited to activity type, distance, time and notes.

stampinmiss says:

This worked for me. Thank you. I appreciate you giving me the means to transfer my data since 2008. I will miss "logyourrun."

coachhunt says:

My data transferred nicely back to mid-2010. However, I still have back to mid-2007 to transfer. Is there any way to transfer just certain dates of the data. I was hesitant to just export it again because I might have seven years of duplicate data. Thanks for you support and the years of a great site.

rknutsonratto1 says:

Only partially works. 2015-2017 but only spotty data captured from 2010 to 2015.

And no routes populated and I can no longer even access my routes from within LogYourRun and I had a ton of routes I wanted to try to copy and now can't even see them. What happened to our routes?

ycmrun says:

Thanks Tim for building and supporting this wonderful site. I made good friends and will definetly miss blogging and logging here. I had logged my runs since 2011 and was able to export all of them to Strava. Kudos for giving a means to do that. Good luck with everything.

tim says:

I am not sure what happened to the routes but will take a look. Maybe those tables of the database crashed. Also not sure why for some the export is not full - I know that there likely is a 5 min timeout on sending data - so maybe if you have a lot of data the export times out. Starting over will export from beginning so that is not recommended.

chriscreene says:

Seems to have copied most of the data, but only the minutes and not the seconds sadly

topeka says:

I think my transfer timed out at 5 minutes. I got 750 activities but 550 older activities did not transfer. If you could make a "date" option for transfer I could get the rest of my activities. Thanks for trying to help us!

rob says:

I have data back to 2009. The upload screen displayed stopped at 10/5/2013, though the tab is still spinning like the page is active. I am leaving it just in case. Strava now shows my data back to mid-May 2015.
I am guessing the upload has died. Hopefully we will be able to enter dates to upload since if I start it over, it will double up a bunch of data.

tim says:

I will look into setting up a field for setting the start date before starting the export

Jim54 says:

The transfer worked for my data since 2011 with the exception from mid-April of 2017 until the second week of August of 2017 which did not transfer. I tried a couple of times but each attempt gave the same result

Jtal03 says:

All of my data exported perfectly with the exception of 0.1 miles somewhere in 2012!!! I think the folks that didn't get everything to export easily must've ran too much!!!! LOL. Just kidding. Thank you so much for making this happen for all of us. We're all a bunch of running data junkies and this has made loosing this website a little less difficult. Best wishes to you and your family and thank you for all you have provided us with Log your run!

heelstriker says:


Any idea when the site is going down for good? Just want to be sure to download my logs prior to it and don't lose a few months or so.

cmccmc says:

Thanks, the export to Strava worked for a bunch of my runs, just missing a hole from 2009-2012.
I can add manually, but looking forward to a date bounded export which might bring them over if possible!

ceskoml says:

First of all, I'm sorry to hear that LogYourRun is going out, but I understand the decision. Best of luck in other projects!
Secondly, I tried the strava ecxport and I have a couple of comments regarding the export to Strava:
1. It exported my Runs, Walks and Swims without any major problems. It even positioned them in the correct categories. :)
2. Unfortunately it didn't export any of my Rides. :(
3. It'd be great if the user could get a some feedback after the export is finished. Something like: "Export to Strava finished. Successfully exported XX Runs, YY Swims, ZZ Rides."

Thank you again. :)

rob says:

Any progress to adding dates so I can transfer my older data?

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