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Running and strength training
Sunday, 14 May 2017 - Written by strutton1313 [profile]
Well it's been a long time since I have posted a blog entry. I have been a runner as long as I can remember, running my first 5k back in the early 80s as a 7 year old and still running today at 43. That being said I have only run. I never got into weight training. That has all changed now. Last year I was running better and faster than I ever had but then my hip flexor gave out on me. I couldn't hardly run the last three months of 2016 ending a run streak of over 400 days. I decided 2017 would be different. Since Jan. 1 I have lifted a minimum of 3 times a week and kept my running down to a max of 3 times a week. I once hated lifting but I have to say I have found a new love (still love running more). I like the way I feel, I like the way I look, and it has helped my running. I ran a 10 miller earlier this month that I ran pre- injury last year. I ran almost identical times 1:11:04-2016 1:11:53-2017 with much harder conditions because of super strong wind this year. I finished stronger and felt better after than in previous races. I am running 3 times a week no speed work yet necsuse kind of in an off season till September. I am currently running 8 miles on Tuesday and Thursday and 14 in Saturday. I have added and will continue to add 1 mile to each of these runs each month until I max at 10,10 and 20. I am going to continue to lift 3 to 4 days a week and I hope with the biggest HOPES ever that all this pays off with a Boston Qualifying time at the Houston Marathon January 2018. In September I'll start a more focused running plan with intervals, fartlecks, tempo, hills and long runs but still going to keep the runs to 3 maybe 4 times a week. Here's to chasing the Unicorn!

adigerati says:

Bummer on the run streak. I just reached 500 (yesterday).

I've been wanting to hit the gym for a while now but haven't been able to commit. Weights have been something I've been trying to do for over 30 years but I have never really been able to stick with it for more than a couple of months. Are you using any type of plan?

strutton1313 says:

I have made my own plan. I run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I lift on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Monday I usually take a rest day. On Wednesday I hit Chest and Back exercise, Friday Bicep and Triceps, and Sunday I do Leg and shoulders. I generally do from 3 to 5 exercises for each muscle group and pick a weight I can do between 5 and 8 reps and do 3 to 5 sets. I alternate the muscles so its a super set. Like yesterday I did 1 set of 8 leg press then 1 set of 8 shoulder press and continued back and fourth until I had done 3 complete sets for both. Then I did quad extensions and lateral dumbbell raises the same way. I do this with every work out. That way I dont have any stand around time. My rest for a muscle is done while working another. I generally spend about 45 minutes to an hour at the gym each time. I have really started to like it. Well I dont like going to the gym. I like how I feel and how I look. I have started to be able to see the definition and muscle increase. So I am going to stick with it. It has also helped me feel stronger on my runs.

By the way congratulations on your streak. 500 is awesome! Congrats!!!

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