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Just a thank you to the LogYourRun author
Sunday, 26 February 2017 - Written by fredofredo [profile]
Hey, I can't access the route tracing tool since a week now, and that makes me a bit sad, because it feels like a shutdown of one of the last services I was still using.

At first, I have used LogYourRun a lot for recording my tracks at mountain biking, and I didn't run at all. This was maybe three years ago. (edit: I looked at my profile, and I got the app 6 years ago!!)

One day I noticed some training programs. And I decided to start the "run 10 km from scratch" program. This was not too hard, it started by "walk 1 minutes, run 1 minute", three times a week, week after week. Only a few months later, I was running 10 km. I wouldn't have believed it, I was extremely happy the day I crossed the distance.

I am not fan of running, and after that day, I have completely stopped running. Maybe I should think about a bigger objective now like semi marathon :) but I have changed phone several times, and I didn't have the app on my new phones.

I still frequently use the "trace your route" tool, which is a simple and efficient one. I use it after I went somewhere without a gps, so that I can evaluate and record the distance.

Here is my user story of LogYourRun! Hope it inspires!

Kev500 says:

Bummer. I hope they fix it ASAP. I use it at least once a m.onth

run_more says:

discouraging indeed. I have tried many times to add a route in the last 6 weeks and have the same problem.

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