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Monday, 20 February 2017 - Written by sarros [profile]
I'm Sarah, a runner in Seattle, and this is my first blog entry. I've just joined the LogYourRun community and am loving it so far! Its exactly what I've been looking for in terms of logging miles and data points. Some things about me: I love to run, travel, make art, and cook. I also struggle with asthma, and the interplay between asthma and running is a big theme for me. I am currently working on moving from my preventative inhaler that is a steroid/bronchodilator combo to just a steroid one, with the ultimate goal of getting off it entirely. I've been running for the past six months or so without albuterol before runs, and while I am not as able to run as fast or as far without it, I have seen progress in my abilities. I'm considering mixing in one long run per week with albuterol before, and otherwise sticking to my current plan. Any advice from folks who have been through this is greatly encouraged! Thanks!!

Kev500 says:

Great to have another Washingtonian on this blog.

Is your asthma exercised induced asthma? My son suffers from that.

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