Thursday, 05 January 2017 - Written by Markbrick060 [profile]
So frustrating,

I felt so good with my training, that I had given myself four achievable targets for the year.

To beat my 5k, 10k, half marathon & full marathon times from last year.

Then when training on a long run Sunday I felt a pain in my left calf muscle.

After icing and resting the bruising appeared and hurt to touch.

So I rested for a week and tried a run on Wednesday only to find the muscle wasn't up to it.

I think I may just have to rest it for a longer period of time but that's so annoying as I have my first target set for March.

Maybe I should give this running malarkey up, injuries are so frustrating.

adigerati says:

Been there (injured), didn't do that (give up), I'm sure you won't either ;)

It can be frustrating, I feel your pain... well... your frustration, I don't want to feel your pain.

Hang in there.

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