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2016 - adigerati
Monday, 02 January 2017 - Written by adigerati [profile]
The year in review. I may have missed entering a run or two because another site I use showed me at 1,020 miles.

bike 343.4 miles

run 1012.3 miles

walk 120.5 miles

At work I have a tread desk, so I've been tracking those miles in LYR. Just to keep a record of my tread desk use.

Also notable about this year is that I ran every day of the year, all 366. I started out 2016 with the goal of running every day and was able to accomplish the goal. I've decided to keep the streak alive, kind of hard to quit when you have 366 days invested.

I also recorded my fastest single mile time: 6:41 and my fastest 5k, almost sub 24, almost.

I'm currently running a marathon training plan. Need to find a marathon to run sometime in April, any suggestions?

ycmrun says:

Impressive stats. Very well done on maintaining daily run streak for over a year. Not sure where you are located but East coast has quite a lot of flat / fast marathons in Spring. Long Branch New Jersey marathon is end of April and is a PR course.

Good luck with all the training in 2017. Keep us posted.

Kev500 says:

Streaker!! What is a tread desk? Sound cool.

adigerati says:

Tread desk is basically a treadmill with a workstation attached to it. Most of my work is on the computer so using the tread desk I can walk and work at the same time.

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