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2017 A new chance or not
Saturday, 24 December 2016 - Written by ciabattini [profile]
A week away from the new year, a new vision on things to come.

Thirty days ago, the morning of Thanksgiving day I suffered a heart attack, I had back to back surgery to have four stents placed in the arteries around my heart which suffered a substantial damage, now working only at 50% until hopefully it can heal . One very interesting fact, I was told that 50% of heart attacks happen to healthy people many times athletes and this just because of the genes inherited from 2-3 generations prior.

To think that two weeks prior I was planning a program to run a marathon in the fall of next year. Now, I am restricted to a max of 1 mile walk until January 5th where my cardiologist will do an assessment on how my heart is recovering.

Tough, through my mind everyday I think of all the places I have run in my life, all the races I have done, I can smell the mist of the fog running the Dipsea in Marin County or the site and smell of the ocean running the Big Sur Marathon and many, many, many more.

I can't think of not feeling all the things that we runners feel every time we put on our shoes and get out the door for our strolls.

I keep my good thoughts up, in less than two weeks I will know.

One thing to share: cherish every step you take every time you do it's the best feeling in the world.


ycmrun says:

So sorry to hear this news. I wish you speedy recovery and back to enjoying the things you . I've heard numerous stories of athletes heart giving up in recent months.

I agree totally on enjoying every moment we've got. Take care of yourself and do keep us posted on your progress.

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