Winter running
Saturday, 17 December 2016 - Written by Alexandra3point1 [profile]
Hey guys, so it's that time of year when my part of the state gets absolutely dumped with ice and snow. I have a couple of questions: if I am trying to hit goal times, but it is slow because of the snow and ice, am I still getting the same benefits of the workout as I would if it was not snowy and I was able to hit the times? Does anyone have any advice On how to get in good workouts when it is snowy? I do not have access to any indoor tracks or treadmills... Thanks!!

Kev500 says:

Running on ice and snow is going to be a lot more work, though it is difficult to assess how much due to varying conditions, e.g., snow depth. There are charts available on-line to give comparative times to account for the temperature differences however, as your performance begins to drop off below 40 degrees.

It all takes its toll. I ran in the open race at Nike XC Regionals in Boise a couple years ago. There was between 2-6 inches of snow on the course and it was 10 degrees. It was the hardest 5K of my life, even though I was more than 30 seconds per mile slower than I was capable of running.

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