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Running in the Snow
Thursday, 08 December 2016 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
Here in the Pacific Northwest I only get a chance to run in the snow a couple times each year. But nothing is more invigorating than a few miles in fresh snow. My old dog, Patches, and I had a blast playing in the snow for 5 1/2 miles tonight. I couldn't have done it without my YakTrax!

ycmrun says:

I love running on the fresh snow too. We get that few times in New Jersey. I was at Bear mountain last weekend running in the trails. There was lot of fresh snow and covered leaves on those rocky technical trails. There were places where it had completely frozen with black ice. It was interesting how slow and mindful I was with my each step :) . Goal was to survive the run without breaking the ankles.
It was freezing cold and windy. My friend had brought his tiny dog who had no trouble sprinting ahead of us and even running through streams as though it was summer !!
I'm thinking of doing a 50k race in spring in these trails. 11 mile start was a kick in the butt as I had not run trails in over a year.

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