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LogYourRun Features

LogYourRun is an online training tool designed to help you keep track of your running and other exercise activities. Keeping track of your activities will allow you to measure improvements in your fitness, keep track of your activity level and how it correlates with injuries, and seeing your progress and how it correlates with the effort that you put into your exercise routine can be a great motivational tool.

In addition to keeping track of your exercise data you can also sign up for training programs that will help you with anything from starting to run for example by using one of the couch to 5K training programs to improving your marathon time by using one of the advanced marathon training programs. You can also create your own training program.

An important part of keeping track of your outdoor activities is knowing what the distance was for your activity. LogYourRun has a route tracing tool that will allow you to measure the distance of your outdoor activity by drawing the route on a map. You can also import your running data from your GPS watch or if you have an iPhone you can use the LogYourRun iPhone app to measure both your distance and time of your activity.

Data Entry

Data entry at LogYourRun is simple and easy. You can enter as much or as little information about your activity as you like.

Route Tool

Trace routes on maps to get distance as well as elevation profiles.


Select from one of the many available training programs. Training programs can be compared side by side and once selected can be viewed in your LogYourRun calendar.

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