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Any good news?
Tuesday, 25 April 2017 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
Anybody have anything good to say? I'm still fuming over the demise of the route tracing function not working. But I would like to stay on the bright side of things and share stories and info with my friends on this site.

ycmrun says:

Yeah. Havent been in touch lately. Currently training for Northface endurance 50k at Bear mountain New York on May 13th. Almost taper time from Monday.. Probably the hardest race i've done to date.. Psyched and excited !!

How are things with you ? Any races planned ?

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Trace Your Route
Tuesday, 28 February 2017 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
Please fix it!!!

mistressk says:

Can we get the interactive weight graph fixed as well? Nothing is showing up..

joec says:

Still not working?

Kev500 says:

still not working

plodder79 says:

Just tried to log today, not working!

Kev500 says:

Who is in charge of this site? Can you please let us know what is going on? I've been a member for years and use the route application often. But I am getting very discouraged. Does anyone care?

journeygirl1 says:

I've been having trouble as well. Very discouraging! I've even tried different computers to no avail.

greend says:

Trace your route still not working

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Just a thank you to the LogYourRun author
Sunday, 26 February 2017 - Written by fredofredo [profile]
Hey, I can't access the route tracing tool since a week now, and that makes me a bit sad, because it feels like a shutdown of one of the last services I was still using.

At first, I have used LogYourRun a lot for recording my tracks at mountain biking, and I didn't run at all. This was maybe three years ago. (edit: I looked at my profile, and I got the app 6 years ago!!)

One day I noticed some training programs. And I decided to start the "run 10 km from scratch" program. This was not too hard, it started by "walk 1 minutes, run 1 minute", three times a week, week after week. Only a few months later, I was running 10 km. I wouldn't have believed it, I was extremely happy the day I crossed the distance.

I am not fan of running, and after that day, I have completely stopped running. Maybe I should think about a bigger objective now like semi marathon :) but I have changed phone several times, and I didn't have the app on my new phones.

I still frequently use the "trace your ...

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Kev500 says:

Bummer. I hope they fix it ASAP. I use it at least once a m.onth

run_more says:

discouraging indeed. I have tried many times to add a route in the last 6 weeks and have the same problem.

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First blog
Monday, 20 February 2017 - Written by sarros [profile]
I'm Sarah, a runner in Seattle, and this is my first blog entry. I've just joined the LogYourRun community and am loving it so far! Its exactly what I've been looking for in terms of logging miles and data points. Some things about me: I love to run, travel, make art, and cook. I also struggle with asthma, and the interplay between asthma and running is a big theme for me. I am currently working on moving from my preventative inhaler that is a steroid/bronchodilator combo to just a steroid one, with the ultimate goal of getting off it entirely. I've been running for the past six months or so without albuterol before runs, and while I am not as able to run as fast or as far without it, I have seen progress in my abilities. I'm considering mixing in one long run per week with albuterol before, and otherwise sticking to my current plan. Any advice from folks who have been through this is greatly encouraged! Thanks!!

Kev500 says:

Great to have another Washingtonian on this blog.

Is your asthma exercised induced asthma? My son suffers from that.

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Run Rossie Run
Monday, 06 February 2017 - Written by seamus22 [profile]
Just run for fun.
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Hydrate even in the cold
Sunday, 29 January 2017 - Written by Kev500 [profile]
I had a miserable 12 mile run today. The last few miles were very difficult. When I got home, I told my wife, "I'm not doing well." Then I spent the next few hours in bed. Once my right leg started cramping awhile later, I knew what the problem was. I had a couple of large glasses of water with some Nuun electrolyte tablets and a couple ibuprofens. A few hours later I got out of bed. Bottom line, I was very dehydrated when I began and did not hydrate during the run. That's an easy mistake to make when it's only 40 degrees outside.
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Baby Steps
Saturday, 07 January 2017 - Written by ciabattini [profile]
Thankfully, I have been clear to start running again, very slow and easy. Heart is back in shape, but it needs a slow and gradual recovery, so here are the baby steps, 1.2 miles in 13' 02" my first outing in a light rain morning. The first run of my second life.

Kev500 says:

Good luck and God bless you. Enjoy every step you can run.

In the 1970s, I read notes from a medical symposium on marathon running (probably the first of its kind). One study concluded that if you could run a marathon, then you were immune from a heart attack. Of course, the 1984 death of James Fixx, author of The Complete Book of Running, dispelled that myth.*

Subsequently two of my former military commanders - both in seeming exceptional physical condition - died from natural causes while still on active duty. One collapsed while on a treadmill and died of heart failure. The other returned home after an easy 5 mile run, complained of a head ache and was dead a few hours later of a brain aneurism. I learned lots of lessons about fitness, philosophy, life and religion from their deaths (and from the combat death of a co-worker).

*I just pulled Fixx's book off the shelf. (I read it years ago before his death). I found a couple of ironies, a chapter on runners who began the sport after a heart attack and a statement that he was medically fitter than most college athletes when he wrote the book (at the age of 45).

ciabattini says:

Thank you Kev,
went out again today, I am taking it very easy, I am sure it will take a while before I can put some speed or distance into it, I am playing it safe and easy. Enjoying the brisk cool air of the morning.

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