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Dear Users of LogYourRun.

As you may have noticed the website has been performing sub-optimally (if at all) lately. While I have been able to restart the server and rescue the database when it crashed - it is starting to look like the end for LogYourRun. The website started in 2007 and I have greatly enjoyed the community here over the years. However, after becoming a father 3 years ago - the amount of my spare time that I have been able to dedicate to working on the website and the iPhone application has been severely reduced.

LogYourRun has never taken outside investment and as such has never had a proper revenue model to allow full time work to be put into maintaining the code and hardware. Since I do not have the spare time to keep the servers running smoothly at a reasonable uptime, I feel that this is a good time to help the community move off this platform and onto another platform where your data will be in more capable hands and where there is active development to ensure that the integrations with third parties (such as Facebook and Google Maps) will not break.

Personally, I have been using Strava for logging my bike rides (they have great elevation maps and a very stable iPhone application) and Nike Run Club when I go running with just my Apple Watch (their app logs everything to the Activity app on your phone). I am working on one final project which will be integration with the Strava API to allow upload/transfer of data (hopefully including GPS routes) from LogYourRun to Strava. Once this is ready I will announce here and on Facebook. But in the mean time I would recommend signing up for Strava and logging all new data there. I have no immediate plans for turning off the LogYourRun server - but I will stop signing up new users. The other option for retrieving your data is to use the export functionality that saves a spreadsheet of your data.

I know that this is a big disappointment - I am very sad also. But I am glad that we have had 10 years together at LogYourRun and I wish everyone the best in their ongoing fitness journeys.



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