Monday, 19 March 2012 - Written by KathyStenson [profile]
After my disastrous 10k experience Saturday (I lost the course and did 8 miles instead of 6.2) I took yesterday off as usual and went for 3 miles this morning. I took a different route this time, I decided I want to mix it up a little and do some hillier runs.

My normal 3 mile route is fairly flat with one uphill in mile 3, but it's not steep. The route I took today is an out and back with hills, so I was anticipating a slowish time, I'm not fast on the hills.

I set two PRs for the mile this morning: 7:24 for the first mile and then again at 7:12 for the last mile, which has some uphill in it...that steep hill in the middle was slow, but my overall time for 3 miles was at an average of 7:56, my fastest time by far for 3 miles!

Feeling pretty awesome this morning!!

jeep_dog says:

Holy crap! That's some speed you got going, Kathy! Wow!

rcblu2 says:

Nice job! You make me miss running with some speed. Great job.

lazyking says:

I have 3 words for you: awesome awesome awesome

Donshields says:

Great job on your run.

NeedhamPaul says:

That is phenomenal, Kathy. Great job - your training is coming together. I've been finding new routes a little slow the first time through so that makes it all the more impressive.
And thanks for the supportive comments you always give other bloggers. It's really helpful.

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