10k Debacle
Saturday, 17 March 2012 - Written by KathyStenson [profile]
I was super excited to run my first 10k race, and it is only my second race ever...was really worried that it would be raining, but it cleared up!!

At the race they announced a detour due to flooding but told us the course was very clearly marked and we should have no problem...so not the case, as it turned out.

Felt good, even though I was out of town for work all week, eating too much and staying up too late, and didn't get home until 8:30 last night. Had a good night's sleep and some time to wake up before we left.

Things went well until mile 6...5 of us got turned around, missed the detour, crossed a major road back and forth, and ultimately I never officially completed the race. I did, though, wind up doing 8 miles. The last two were slow due to stopping to try to figure out where we were supposed to be, turning around several times, etc...finally, I just shut it down and luckily my hubby was there to come get me...I was headed the wrong way and it was 2 miles back to the finish line.

NOT the experience I would have hoped for, but I look at it this way...if I hadn't signed up for the run there's a very good chance I would have talked myself out of a long run today, so it all worked out in the end.

AND I learned a valuable lesson...don't follow anyone, I wasn't really paying enough attention and was following someone who looked like they knew where they were going.

Oh well...you can't win 'em all, and I was on pace to finish in 54 minutes, so all in all not a total loss.

MidwesternWoman says:

Proud of you, girl. Not only did you run the race, you exhibited such good sportsmanship about the mix up. You earned the big medal, ribbon, and plaque... but like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow they are all invisible. How do you feel? And when is the next race?

KathyStenson says:

Thanks MW!!!

I feel fine...the added mileage didn't seem to be a problem since I was going slow, walked, ran, stopped for directions, etc...the apple pancakes I had after the race were a nice touch. Just need to drink more water and stretch some more.

As for the next race...I'm seriously contemplating the Rock& Roll Half in June. My recovery is going really well and now that I'm back up in mileage that seems like a logical goal. I may need to get back on that 10k horse before June, though, just to prove that I can successfully navigate a course!!

lazyking says:

Im glad you're very positive about this.
BTW, congratulations on 54min (you know in your heart that you did it) and congrats on running 8 miles.

rcblu2 says:

That definitely would suck. I love your positive spin on it. Great job getting out there to begin with. I hope you are encouraged to sign up for another race.

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