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Sunday, 11 March 2012 - Written by KathyStenson [profile]
I have my first race this year next week, but I hadn't actually run 10k yet since I started back up. So I went out for a 6.7 mile run, figuring that next Saturday the 10k would not be my farthest distance. I didn't want that race to be my farthest run so far.

It was overcast and a little sprinkly, and I felt pretty good up until the last half mile...but I was really frustrated because the GPS wasn't tracking accurately and said I did 7.85 miles, then I didn't turn off the timer so I really have no idea what my time was or my splits....oh well...s*** happens. The main thing is I did the run in what I think was just under an hour, and now the 10k next week is NOT my longest run yet!!

I'm out of town all week, I'll get a couple of runs in and hope for the best next Saturday. Have a great week everyone!!

lazyking says:

Great idea! This will make your race less intimidating and running your first 10K under an hour is AMAZING. I know you'll have fun racing. Good luck and I can't wait to read your race recap.

MidwesternWoman says:

Such a great run, although so frustrating when the GPS data doesn't gel. I can't wait to hear how your "real" run is going to go this weekend. Travel safe!

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