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Sunday, 13 April 2014 - Written by curtiscurtis [profile]
Have shifted form running to walk/run after 30 years of running .Plan on training for 15k and half marathons...Have 2 more Gate river runs for my 30 and hav e 2 halfs I never hve done yet.Last half was 7 years ago...now in the 75 to 79 age group will see how it goes...never kept a blog so this is a new adventure

ciabattini says:

hats off to you, now in my 50s I realize every year it gets tougher. 70-and above age group? in my dreams ...
you are an inspiration. keep it up and remember start slow and taper off!

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Through the Woods
Saturday, 12 April 2014 - Written by RunOutTheDoor [profile]
I love the sense of accomplishment running gives me, the sense that by taking one step at a time I'm building foundations within myself. One of my greatest challenges though is to stay with the present footfalls rather than project myself onto the next lap around the trail. In my mind, I fly ahead of myself a lot when running (and in life :)) Although such forward-looking can be great and useful, pulling myself back to where I'm actually at is good for me. Running reminds me to be present and work through what is right in front of me.

I work out so many dilemmas while running; or more accurately perhaps the dilemmas work themselves out. The alchemical sweat transforms blocks and difficulties in some magical way that keeps me lacing up my trainers and running out the door, through the woods and away from it all in order to come back to it all.

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Breaking 2:00:00 #1
Sunday, 06 April 2014 - Written by Jtal03 [profile]
I am quickly approaching the two year mark from when I started training for my first half marathon. I have logged 925 miles, including 6 half marathons in that time. My first half was the Disney Wine and Dine, finishing at 2:08:21. Following that was the Rock and Roll Half at St. Pete. Here I was dealing with some IT band issues and ended up finishing in 2:18:21. Next came the last minute decision run - the Swamp House Half Marathon, with a finish time of 2:13:50. After nearly a 6 month break from races, I decided to switch things up and ran a trail race put on by Masters of All Terrain. Poor training combined with August heat and humidity in Florida was a recipe for disaster. My time: 2:35:58, I was thrilled considering I walked a good bunch of it. I finished out 2013 with race #5, the Springfield Half Marathon - first race in my home town. Finished with a PR (finally!) of 2:05:30. 2014 race season started out with the Little Rock Half Marathon. An overall fun experience for me and a ...

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Donshields says:

I like how your miles got faster as you ran. Mile 2 was faster but overall it looked real good. Great job and good luck with your goals.

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Train more, Race Less
Saturday, 29 March 2014 - Written by ycmrun [profile]
I spent second half of 2013 salvaging my tired, depleted body from various mysterious overuse injuries. I think I subjected my body to way more than it could handle and predictably it started to revolt against every form of workout. My legs and core clearly had no strength to support continued pounding of long runs over 10 miles. For the past six months my emphasis has been on strength and cross training. I honestly believe these two activities have restored my body and saved me from becoming a total couch potato.

I have spent lot many hours in the gym spinning bikes, swimming, climbing stair master and Elliptical machines. Religiously spent one to two hours on Pilates, weights, balancing, yoga and strength training per week. My body started to respond to running since November 2013 and I have been slowly building mileage since then. I could muster about 50 running miles each on November and December. Had an ankle sprain during a trail 5k in January and suffered a minor setback fo...

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Donshields says:

I like your approach of taking it easy and not focusing on the racing. You have time to prepare for races and a chance to prepare well.

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Longest run
Saturday, 29 March 2014 - Written by Donshields [profile]
Today I ran my longest run of the year for me. I did 10 miles and felt real good. Don't seem to be bothered by the respiratory problems that plagued me for months. My times are just a bit slower than I was running but I do not want to stress the lungs to much until I am 100% certain I am recovered. I am contemplating running a half marathon in place of the marathon I was planning on. It seems very doable right now and can even try for a PR.
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Friday, 28 March 2014 - Written by adigerati [profile]
I'm having such a hard time breathing when I run that I find myself actually making a wheezing noise. I guess I really need to get those lungs back in shape. Think I'll start doing some deep breathing exercises to see if that helps the situation. Takes me back to another time when I first started running and breathing was the hardest thing to do.

I also remember the advice when I started running, "if it's hard to breathe you are running too fast". Only problem is my goal is to get faster and I know that the only way to run faster is to... run faster. There is just no way around that.

I'm still staying under 8 min/mile. Next week the intervals are going to be much longer and the time between them much shorter. I think next week will be quite a challenge and a good test. Don't really have a plan if I fail. Maybe repeat until I get it. Guess I'll cross that bridge when I have to.

buckcote says:

I'm intrigued by your plan and will be following. I'm about to do my second marathon in May, then will be concentrating on getting faster at shorter distances. Right now I'm just trying for a 4:30 marathon, though I've yet to run a sub 2 half. Good luck!

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Ok, t's Not in my Head
Friday, 28 March 2014 - Written by tammy23 [profile]
It really isn't in my head..I've been running consistently since Jan 1..and I thought I would lose at least 5 lbs by now...My eating habits are very good, health is is good..I stay busy and am active..so this not losing a few lbs isnt in my head!

Im still at the exact same weight I was 4 months ago. I have included weights, but just to tone up, not to add lots of muscle mass. I havent noticed the muscle mass build, but have noticed the toning of certain areas that needed to be improved, could this be the culprit? Not that Im complaining, I just find it interesting in a frustrating sort of way.

Running outside I think will help, or maybe in need to increase my incline from a 1% to 2%..as my distance is fine (3.5-5 miles depending on how much time I have) and speed seems ok, (6.8-7.0 mph), could always be faster in my mind or should I push it up to 7.2? So many variables to consider and not always sure which one is the better. Dont want to risk injury or burn out, and yet ta...

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adigerati says:

I don't lose weight when I'm running but I sure gain it when I stop. I always think of the saying, muscles are built in the gym but revealed in the kitchen.

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